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Attention: Dr Rick Collingwood

It was nice talking to you this morning. I got a surprise to hear you were in Perth, I thought you were in Brisbane. I work at a Psychiatric Clinic (Osborne Park) and had asked one of our psychologists a few weeks ago if she could recommend someone who did hypnotherapy. I was desperate to find someone to help me with my insomnia. I went to a private psychologist for a couple of sessions and she taped a session for me (which was nothing like your CD's I can tell you!). I stopped going due to the expense, and then I found my old CD of yours on weight, I think I got that one through mail order a few years ago. I then thought I would try and find out if you had done one on insomnia. I rang Directory Assistance to see if I could get your number and they gave me the Hypnotist Society in Brisbane. (They didn't know a thing about you, so they said). I was at a complete loss as to what I would do next, and then I rang Crystal Reflections at Hillarys here in Perth, and asked them if they had heard of you. Low and behold they not only did know you, but they had a CD on insomnia. You can imagine how I felt when they gave me a brochure and we could contact you right here in Perth!! I felt like it was Christmas. As I told you this morning we now have seven CD's in total. Thank you so much for sending me the updated CD on weight control, I look forward to receiving it in the mail.

Kind regards

Kaye Downer

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I have had multi faceted benefits from your Insomnia CD and now I am feeling great. I have been taking painkillers for Arthritis and Sleeping Tablets before bed for many years, this has now stopped. Since I started listening to your CD I have a much deeper and longer sleep and wake up feeling happy and refreshed, I also have a more pleasant and better dream quality.

Jamie Wright.
Brisbane QLD
Life Enhancement Series

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"I Found A Miracle"

How often have I wished and prayed, that one day something could be found,
To make my life more bearable, my pain and anguish less profound,
Now after years of suffering, caused by pain and stress,
I've finally found my miracle, deep hypnotherapy no less,
An amazing set of CD's produced , to help suffers who would,
Like me be grateful to, the learned Dr Collingwood.
They work, they work they really work,
I am so relieved and oh so grateful. as now there's hope on the horizon,
Less pain, less stress, how wonderful.
I always knew that it can happen, if someone helped me find the key,
Now I daily watch my body working, to heal itself and ease life for me,
Hypnosis therapy is my miracle, the one that I've been praying for,
My mind and body both respond, I truly cannot ask for more.

Thank you Dr Rick Collingwood.

Natalie Spierenburg, sufferer of Fibromialga, Chronic
Fatigue, Arthritis, Migraines, Stress, Anxiety Disorder, Depression etc,etc
Brisbane Qld
Life Enhancement Series-Superceded

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I have only been listening for two and a half weeks and already I have grown nails and cut down my smoking to one per day. I have been telling everybody about this and I think its the best thing this century.

Gabrielle Mitchell.

Hilton. W A
Life Enhancement Series-Superceded

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I just started using your CD for weight loss, and I am thrilled at the good results I am getting already. I feel less hungry, not really interested in chocolates and I am doing more exercising. I know this is going to keep working for me.

Wendy OBrien.
Life Enhancement Series-Superceded

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Absolutely brilliant. I have been diagnosed as a manic depressive for many years. Since August my life has completely changed by listening to Dr Collingwoods Happiness And Self Esteem CD. I have lost 23 kilos of excess fat, I have completely quit 18 years of smoking 25 cigarettes a day ( 14 weeks now ) and I feel happy and balanced. I thank you eternally Dr Collingwood, you have given me my life back.

Andrew W.
Adelaide S A
Life Enhancement Series-Superceded

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Hi there,

This is the first letter I have ever written about a product result, but as a great believer of thank you notes, I wanted to tell you and thank you for my wonderful news. I had been a heavy smoker for 30 years.Tried to stop smoking in the 80s when the bad news came out about smoking and addiction. Even had personal hypnosis sessions, gum, patches, etc. without succeeding.

Bought your CD as I had made up my mind that I simply had to stop, but still didn't KNOW HOW the heck I would be able to actually do that. I had been practicing living a smoke free life for a few weeks by not smoking in the house, thenI listened to the CD for three times, then stopped smoking one day out of the blue…….(I was not actually prepared to stop yet, as far a I knew) and then stuck to my resolve that if I could ever not light up for 24 hours, then I would never light up again. I did it.I still don't know how.I have used patches to support my success over the past 3 months, but I have had no actual DESIRE to smoke, not even a fond memory of smoking, no cravings, no habits, nothing!

It's almost like I never smoked in the first place. Very odd result for someone who had living hell whenever I tried to stop in the past….. Don't know how this CD worked so well, but thank you. I'm now going to get the weight loss one…..(Doubleday club again - $10 saving, after all) Then I want the Insomnia one, then I want the Healing one, etc. etc. So keep up the good work.I'm stunned by my results.

Helene Malmsio

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Hello Rick

(and hello to the person who may be answering this email if not Rick!)

I am just enquiring about the best way to use the CDs.

Is it more effective to focus on one issue at a time, or is it ok to have a number of CDs addressing different issues at the same time, say doing one issue in the morning, then another at night or another during the day?

I am sure this is a frequent question, so wondered if you are planning an FAQ section on your website, to save answering these questions in person?

I must say I have really enjoyed the CDs so far, have been having deeper sleeps and more vivid dreams. Many thanks for the work you have put into these.

One suggestion: some of your testimonials have spelling mistakes, which I think could do with being corrected before going up in a published form. You have such a professional site, and these small flaws could detract from the overall professionalism of your presentation, which is fundamentally terrific. I also saw the CDs advertised in a newspaper form, and noticed the spelling mistakes there as well, so they obviously got through the sub-editors as well.

Just a suggestion, not a criticism. Hope it is seen in a constructive light.

Again, many thanks

all the best

M. Hatfield

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for your previous responses.

Please know that I still do intend to undertake the hypnosis training, albeit behind schedule!

I just commenced a new job as Training Manager for a Registered Training Organisation (with a Job Network Agency in SA). I am currently flat out with getting a grip on this position at the moment and will probably commence my hypnosis training in December or the New Year. I've never run an RTO before, so it is fantastic for me to learn the in's and outs' of the legalities of that.

I am, however, still fully committed to hypnosis and the work you are doing in the area - especially because it is so pro-individuals taking control of their own process (rather than the hypnotists having the majority of control….and charging people big $$s for it!) - Fantastic!

Personally I've lost nearly 10 kgs and feel wonderful. I have shared your CDs with my partner and friends, and they too are enjoying the benefits in various areas…eg., Stress Management; Self Esteem; and Abundance!

Please do stick with me….I hope that we will be able to work together in the future to very positive and practical ends here is SA.

And, oh, by the way….bugger the so called Professional Hypnotists - egotistical so and so's! They're just afraid of losing their power and glory…. Go gettem!

Kind regards,


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Hi Rick,

My name is Carmel and I am a clairvoyant. I have a new age shop in Werribee down in Victoria.

First all I would just like to tell you how great your C.D.s are.

Because of my work I find that I deal with allot of kids that have night terrors and also phobias. I was wondering if you have or can do a C.D for small kids on this matter.

I have a 5 year old son and he has such a fear about birds it is that bad that he wont play out side on his own this is breaking our hart.

I think your work is so help full for so many people I thank you on there behalf.

Take care and all the best



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Dear Rick

I have two of your CD's and have been using the "Happiness and Self-Esteem" for the past five days and have already noticed a huge difference. I have suffered from severe depression, chronic migraines and panic attacks for 10 years and today because of your CD's I was even motivated to do the gardening(rather pull out weeds!) and THAT has never happened!!

The question is am I able to use two CD's on the same day and am I able to use one straight after the other or would you suggest one in the morning and one at night??

Thanking you in advance


P.S. My two sons aged 7 and 4 also thank you for giving them a happy mummy…..one that they have never seen before!!

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Hello there!

Just a note to let you know how fabulous your programs are. I have been suffering from insomnia for about seven years or more. I had tried everything including sleeping tablets, valerian, melatonin, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, allergy treatments, magnetic sleep system, Niagara therapy massage bed - you name it, I have tried it - and all to no avail. My problem was that I could not get to sleep, and if I did happen to get to sleep on the odd occasion, I would then wake up and just lie there all night. Besides being frustrating it was exhausting and everything and everybody in my life suffered.

About four weeks ago, I purchased your "Beat Insomnia" CD and within two weeks I was sleeping soundly every night. I then purchased your "Creating Abundance" CD, and within one week I had been offered a World Trip, paid for by my workplace. These two CD's have just been "magic". I thoroughly recommend them.


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I have been using the mind body healing cd for a while and was so impressed I recently purchased stress management (vol 4). i was surprised that there was very little spoken word with the hypnotic track, when it says visualise what you want I am a bit stumped as all I want from this one is reduced stressful feelings. How do I structure that in a visualisation? would appreciate some feedback re: this.

Also i was going to buy the self esteem one for my 9yo ADHD boy as he's struggling with this as part of the whole ADHD & chronic health issues. have just noticed the ADHD cd volume and wondered whether this may be a better choice - would this volume help address the self esteem too?


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Thank you so much Rick. I have done about 1 month of Mind and Body CD and have switched to Happiness Confidence & Self Esteem CD VOL 5 on September 1st. Given your info, I am on the way to achievement.

I do have much childhood pain (I am 46 y.o.) and are aware I have, due to this, an additive personality which leads to being a bit controlling. I am currently working on this as well. I think you are doing wonderful work. You must be so proud.

Kind Regards,


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Dear Rick,

Firstly I'd like to say how much of a fan I am of your work!! Thank you so much for your CD's, they're fantastic - I've used the Weight Loss and Abundance CDs so far and they've work for me! I've also got my friends copies of your CD's and you are changing their lives too!

I have considered the idea of undertaking hypnosis studies before, but now having witnessed your work firsthand and the changes it can make for me personally, I'm really keen to do the training with you and be able to pass on your wisdom.

I live in Adelaide, so I will need to do the non-accredited Cert in Hypnosis by Distance Learning and I have a few questions to ask:

- Is the distance learning Cert in Hypnosis also up for Cert IV accreditation (and at the end of the day does accreditation really matter in terms of the potential to practice hypnosis)?
- Will assoc membership of the WA Hypnosis Assoc allow me to practice at all?
- Should I wish to upgrade to the Advanced Cert in Hypnosis, as a distance learning student, is that or will that be at all possible? (I would be able to make the weekend workshops scheduled, but unfortunately the 12 consecutive Saturday training sessions would be outside my current possibilities.)

My background is in humanities and education and I too have a PhD. My work has been in the area of spirituality, disability and wellbeing. I taught at Uni of Qld for a while, but have now chosen to work in Adelaide with unemployed and disadvantaged folks at a grass-roots level - which I love. I really see so much that could be done with hypnosis to help folks create positive lives for themselves - I'm really quite excited by that idea.

Sorry to rabbit on, but I feel like this is going to be fun…and the beginning of something special.

Thank you once again. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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I firstly would like to say thanks I've been using your cds for six months and can notice the changes in me already (Vol 5) i've just purchased the weight loss one and have 2 others. I would like to know if you can use two at a time ie one in morning and one in the evening. I would also like to know if it is ok to use with children i have a nine year old who is very bright but has low self esteem and i feel he would benefit from Vol 5 Happiness and self esteem. he has problems sleeping and currently uses relaxation music and herbal relaxing tablets But he still has the attitude that he can't do things and is useless. He gets this from me and i would like to help him before he becomes a teenager.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful product,


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View Weight Loss and Appetite Control CD details

I had been getting progressively worse in my sleeping patterns over the past 2 and a half years to the point that it would be fantastic if I got 3 hours sleep every other night with some nights no sleep at all. I was barely functioning in my day to day routine. I was having extremely bazaar thoughts and I wouldn't go to bed at night knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep. The doctor prescribed light non-addictive sleeping tablets. I did take them but with only taking half I felt hung-over the next day.

I was seeing a spiritual healer and put me onto your CD. I was skeptical about hypnosis but was desperate to get off the sleeping tablets so I gave it a go because I had nothing to loose. It did take a couple of weeks to really kick in but now I sleep better than I did before my problem started and wake up feeling awake and not just rolling out of bed. I stopped taking the sleeping tablet within 3 days of starting the program.

I am almost at the end of the required period but am feeling fantastic. Now I feel like I'm alive and can motivate myself to do more during the day. I cannot praise Rick Collingwood's CD enough. I thank you and my girlfriend for the referral. As result of my lack of energy I now have a lot of weight to loose and my blood pressured has gone through the roof. I have to loose 12 kg in an attempt to reduce my blood pressure. I have just ordered the Weight Loss CD and the Mind Body Healing. I have 30 kg to loose and I will let you know how I go. Like a lot of people, I have tried a lot of different diets but to no avail at keeping the weight off.

My Naturopath has had me on very strict diets and has told me it may be psychological and to try hypnotherapy. That will start in 2 weeks time when I have finished the Insomnia CD. If it works half as well as the Insomnia CD I will be an extremely happy person. Look forward to singing your praises again!!!!

Colleen S

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Hi Rick

It took a while for me to get back to you but finally I'm doing it. You asked me to comment on your CDs, specifically the "Pharmacy Range". It took a while to get to listen to 5 the CDs in the range. A Hypnotherapist colleague and a non-hypnotherapist friend listened to some of the CDs as well.

I found your CDs easy to listen to. On a few occasions I lay down on the bed in my office and "went out to it". One day when I was very tired I went to sleep.

At first I thought the echo on your voice was overdone. Then I found it added to the hypnotic effect so it was OK. I'm not too sure about the consistent F sharp, although music is good.

It is great that you give a thorough explanation about Hypnosis. You may want to consider the consumer who purchases the whole range though. Perhaps you could suggest the option to skip the intro and go straight to the induction.

My Hypnotherapy colleague liked the whole CD and was impressed overall.

My non-hypnotherapy friend was not equally impressed. He found the echo a bit gimmicky and commented that the constant F sharp was annoying, but in the end he found the whole thing relaxing.

So there you are. I bet this is the most diverse review you ever received. If you want a quote to assist your marketing, you can quote me saying: "An excellent set of tools to assist your self-development"

With kindest regards
Alfred Bellanti

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My sister wanted me to pass on this note. She has had eating problems as well as numerous learning and emotional problems. In a few months I'd like to try her on a few of your other titles.

Dear Rick Collingwood,

My brother Josh Horowitz just send me the Hypnosis life improvement CD series Weight Loss and Appetite Control about 5 days ago. I've only listen to it 4 times and all 4 times I've slept through the whole night. Before I was waking up almost 3 times a night and going down stairs to eat. Most of the nights I didn't even realize what I was doing until my parents pointed it out. I couldn't figure out why I was doing this. Finally I looked it up on the internet and realize that it's almost like an eating disorder. It's called Night eating syndrome. It is pretty dangerous unfortunately it's not quiet a eating disorder but it is why some over weight people are they way they are. Anyways as I would go downstairs usually when I would be in the kitchen I would fall asleep and not even realize it.

My father said one day "I wonder if hypnosis would work?" I said I don't know, but what he didn't know is that Josh and I talked about this CD and how much I would like to give it a try.

I was so happy when it arrived. That night I couldn't wait to put it on. I did my night routine I put the TV on and laid in bed and at 10 I turned the TV off and put the CD on. I wasn't getting my hopes up because I didn't want to be disjointed. The next thing I knew it my alarm was going off. I couldn't believe I slept the whole night.

In the beginning the part of the CD I use a lot especially when I can't relax out through the day. I try to think about what you say on the CD and I pretty much get myself relax. I don't know if you remember but in the CDs both have you say that you come out to a garden with either a bench or a chair. Well I come out to a garden with beautiful butterflies and a swing bench. In my head it is almost real and very beautiful too bad I can't explain it better.

Hopefully the CD will help me loose weight. I've been going to weight watchers for almost a year and I lost some of the weight but with the night eating it almost was impossible for me to keep the weight off.

So thank you very much. Hopefully it will continue.


Rachel Horowitz.

Josh Horowitz

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
-Thomas Jefferson

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To Rick Collingwood,

I have always had a problems with remembering how to spell words.

My doctor, Dr Igor Tabrizian from Nutrition Review Service recommended that I try one of your Personal Hypnotherapy CD.

I have for several days been listening to your super memory CD and have noticed a difference. I don't now how it works but I seem to be remembering how to spell some words. I can only hope it keeps working and my spelling gets better.

Once I have finished with the memory CD I will begin the Mind Body Healing CD.

Just wanted to say thank you.


View Super Memory Hypnosis CD details


Thank you for such a well thought out site.

A friend lent me her "Beat Insomnia" CD and I was so impressed that I checked out your website and am going to purchase some CDs for myself.

I have a 3 year old neck cancer, have been classed as "terminal'. The cancer is getting bigger all the time, is painful, restrictive, affecting my ability to swallow, speak, open my mouth, etc.

The cancer I have is stress/emotional based which explains why spending a fortune on pills, potions and lotions over the 3 years has had absolutely no effect whatsoever. I have tried several modalities to relieve stress and have been to four hypnotherapists but they seem ineffectual in addressing the issue of pain control, and have not been of much help re my health. One aspect which really impressed me was the depth of relaxation I was able to achieve with your "Beat Insomnia" tape……..much deeper than I've been able to achieve with a hypnotherapist, and of course the convenience is wonderful as I am only 40 kg at the moment, rather weak and the effort of getting about depletes my energy reserves quite quickly.

I note your outlets that sell your CDs here in South Australia and tomorrow shall phone to make sure they have the following in stock -

Mind Body Healing, Beat Insomnia, Stress Management, Happiness and Self Esteem. I think these would be the best for me. However I would appreciate your advice.

I read the article re Cancer, and can certainly identify with the comments. The testimonials are very encouraging and give hope - which is just so important.

I would like to know whether you have a CD specifically related to 1. Cancer and 2. Pain Control as these are two important issues for me (or would "MInd Body Healing" cover both?)

I am hoping the stores here have your CDs in stock, but if not I shall buy direct from your web site. I would very much appreciate a response re CDs on Cancer and Pain Relief.

Thank you

Nina C

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"Ninety Steps: The Last Step Of The Journey Was Called Hypnosis"

The other steps before hypnosis were named General Practitioners, 6 of those, Physicians, 3 of those, Natural Therapists, 12 of them, Psychiatrists, 2 of them, Masseuses, Reflexologists, Ozone Therapy Specialists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Health Farms, Ice Water Therapy, Meditation, Fifty sessions of Reiki, 200 bottles of vitamins, Vitamin B injections, Intravenous Vitamin C therapy, Electrical Stimulation for the Feet and Spine. Should I continue with these steps? I'm sure I could think of many more. Ninety steps to travel over a period of three year at a cost of around $40,000. A lovely deposit for a house.

My son became ill at the age of 20 when he was in the prime of health and fitness. Tall, lean, muscular, full of the joys of life, eager to study, travel and experience the rewards of an enthusiastic personality.

It was the 27th May, 2000. I remember the day well. My son said to me "I don't feel well mum, I sort of feel strange in my body like an alien has taken over my cells and taken charge of them." This was the start of our nightmare which ended in my son being completely bed-ridden for 9 months. He could not walk, could not take 1 step. He could not stand up. He could not eat without help. He suffered constant muscular pain throughout his body and could not even use the bathroom without the aid of a wheelchair. He was a zombie and nobody could help him.

Our beautiful happy home, once filled with friends and music changed into a hospital over night, and people became confused and too frightened to visit in case they also caught this dreaded disease which was a mystery to all. The loneliness and isolation was overwhelming. In the end it was just my son and I lying on the bed holding hands and praying for a miracle.

That Miracle Was Hypnosis

Suzanne F

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G'day Ken,

Thanks very much for that Sales motivation CD, I've read heaps of sales books before but nothing has worked like this! I read all the books and I tend to forget parts, but with this it has naturally become part of my way of life, I've only listened to it four times, imagine when I've finished!

Anyway, appreciate it heaps man. I had a look at your website and I'm going to order a few more. Do you do discounts if you're ordering more than one? I'm thinking about getting Sports Improvement, creating abundance, Ultimate meditation and flying beyond fear. It's ok if you want me to order through the website, just thought I'd ask!

Thanks again mate,


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