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Mind Motivations UK has grown in part out of desire to pay tribute to this very special lady.
In February 2008, Nevin Janmohamed and her family received the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Nevin underwent major abdominal surgery to remove the tumour, but sadly the cancer had already spread to her liver. Having already fought breast cancer in 2006, with vigorous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, & with the poor response of pancreatic cancer to such therapies, the family decided to research areas of alternative medicine all over the world with an aim to combat the disease.

During their search, they chanced upon the work of Rick Collingwood, a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Australia with a proven track record of success in dramatically improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

nevin After contacting Rick, he flew to London almost immediately to begin a series of hypnosis sessions with Nevin, and advised her to listen to his "Cancer" and "Mind Body Healing" CDs daily. The results were phenomenal. Almost overnight her pain disappeared, she became positive in her mood, her appetite returned, her sleeping pattern normalised and her overall condition improved to the point that friends who were unaware of her diagnosis began commenting on how radiant and well she looked. Even her surgeon was amazed at how quickly she had recovered from such major surgery.

Despite her physical wellness, Nevin and her family received news in April that the cancer had spread further within her liver. Sadly, Nevin lost her battle with cancer and passed away on the 13th June, 2008. Even in the last days leading to her untimely death, her spirits remained high and she suffered no symptoms of the cancer.

After experiencing first hand the extraordinary impact of Rick's hypnosis techniques upon her life, Nevin's dying wish was to share her story with others suffering not just from cancer, but also from a multitude of conditions, and to introduce Rick's teachings and extensive range of CD titles into the UK.

In the last few weeks of her life, her conviction to fulfill this dream resulted in extensive meetings between Nevin's husband Nashir, and Rick. As a result the two decided to expand Rick's Australian company Mind Motivations into the UK. Mind Motivations Australia is one of the largest and most innovative hypnosis organisations in the world.

As part of Nevin's legacy, and to honour her passion and commitment to caring for others, as she did through years of voluntary work, Mind Motivations UK will donate 10% of all profit to various charitable organisations held close to Nevin's heart. This donation is a fitting tribute to a remarkable lady who wished to share the positive impact that she had experienced first hand from the work of Rick Collingwood with others.


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