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Weight Loss and Appetite Control
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Weight Loss and Appetite Control

Weight Loss and Appetite Control

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Welcome to the new, slim you! Successful and permanent weight loss is the result of changing your lifestyle and decision making processes. Let this self hypnosis CD easily and permanently change your attitude towards:

- Eating patterns

- Food selection

- Exercise - choose activity over inactivity

- Motivation to lose the weight and keep it off - permanently

This ARIA Award winning Self Hypnosis CD has helped over 100,000 people unleash the power within their mind to conquer ongoing weight issues with unbelievable results! Experience the positive and beneficial suggestions on this weight loss hypnosis CD time and time again in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Experience greater clarity, focus and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals now and in the future!

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I just started using your CD for weight loss, and I am thrilled at the good results I am getting already. I feel less hungry, not really interested in chocolates and I am doing more exercising. I know this is going to keep working for me.

Wendy O Brien

...Currently, I am working on my weight with the Weight loss cd and again, even after a few days, the results have been truly amazing. Thank you again and keep up your excellent work.

Kind Regards

Grant H

I don't know if this is the correct place to send such a comment as I wish to praise Mr Collingwood on his great product.

Six weeks ago I was feeling unwell, I thought i had a UTI but after tests the Dr told me that I had no UTI but extremely high blood sugar and was on the verge of Type II Diabetes. Although I am overweight I had no idea that it was this bad. I was told that I had to do something about my weight NOW rather than yesterday. I decided to go a pretty harsh weight loss program as we recommended by my Dr but I also wanted to stop my bad eating problems from within. I have a huge problem with sweets and constantly crave sugar (as was evident by the high blood sugar). I decided to try the weight loss cd. I actually laughed at myself for even considering it because 6 weeks ago hypnotherapy to me was a bit of a joke really. But…I knew that i had to do something from within. Within six days of using the cd I came to the stark conclusion that for the last three days I had not eaten anything that I shouldn't and more to the point I never even thought about it. Surely I thought this was just a coincidence but sure enough nearly three weeks on and I now have absolutely no desire to eat anything bad and seeing as it's Easter time and I am surrounded by chocolate I have eaten NOTHING. I have also started looking at myself in a new life, I actually love the fact that I have lost a fair bit of weight (from my weight loss program also) and am so pleased with myself. I enjoy feeling like I have beaten this bad habit that would have killed me eventually. I can not thank Mr Collingwood enough for sharing his wonderful cd with me and I know that I am making right choices now not only for me but for my family. I went shopping yesterday and instead of filling my trolley with a few more junk things than I should (as I usually do) the thought didn't even cross my mind to put them in my trolley and instead it was filled with much more healthier and fresh foods.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My husband says that Rick Collingwood should be the luckiest man in the world knowing that he is going to bed with thousands of women every night.


P Morris

Please excuse the delay it getting this to you. Not like me but since we spoke life has been very hectic to say the least. We discussed my writing a testimonial with regard to my successful weight loss using Rick's CD.

The light joke is that he is the only man I have been on my bed with in a very long time. (No offence intended). That's because I lie on top of the bed and use the earphones. I find this the most relaxing position.

The history is that before Christmas I lost two kilos then started using the CD and have subsequently lost several more. I have gone from a size 18 down to 14 and have recently tried a size 12 in long pants but notquite ready to introduce that size into my wardrobe permanently just yet,The best thing about the CD is that it restructures my way of thinking and eating habits. I seem to be more conscious when I go shopping.

I am also aware of why I eat certain 'unhealthy' foods. These seem to be connected with comfort eating due to loneliness, and mood swings. What the CD does is assists me to 'care for me' rather than 'not care for me'.

I initial used the program in its entirety as instructed which is a discipline in itself but I was determined. I now use it on a regular basis as old habits die hard; so having the CD handy for moments of encouragement helps me stay on track. I drink more water more often and walk a lot more. I don't drive and walk every where most of the time but I am choosing to walk home more regularly from town rather than catch the cat bus. Any snacks I do have are nuts and dried fruits but not often. Meals are half the amount.

I recommended the CD to my sister who lives in Victoria and she is using it with good results. We both have Thyroid conditions which can make losing weight difficult but the CD seems to work for us.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you again sometime.



Instructions for Use
Using the titles couldn't be easier. You do not need to use personal headphones to listen to the titles and they are qually as effective on loud-speakers.

To get the best results they can be used as a normal hypnotherapy session whenever the client has an hour to spare and up to 3 times in a 24 hour period.

Do not use more than 3 titles within the same time frame. For example a combination of 3 titles using one title per day will still yield good effects for all of the chosen topics. However if more than 3 topics are focused upon during the allotted usage time frame the effects will probably become diluted for some people. Some people report good results by using one title in the morning and another a night while they are sleeping.

Never use the products whilst driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Driving immediately after using the CD / MP3 is quite safe.


The CDs have never been reported to bring on attacks of epilepsy or seizures. However if a person suffers from the maladies it is best that they consult their medical doctor before proceeding. If the use of the CDs were to instigate an epileptic fit or seizure then it would be no different or more severe than what would be experienced without the use of the CD.


Any person suffering from a significant mental health problem such as Schizophrenia. Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Bi Polar Disorder, or Delusional Disorder, whether the disorder be congenital or otherwise should not use these titles without prior consultation with their physician. This does not include depression.

Please note that none of these CDs are intended to replace medical treatments or pharmaceutical medications.

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