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Clinical Report
Mind Body Healing
A Word From Rick Collingwood
I have spent the past thirteen years working as a clinical hypnotherapist, and I have been a hypnosis trainer since 1996. During that time I have worked with thousands of individuals afflicted with a vast array of both physical and emotional challenges. The majority of those people have been able to quickly move beyond their presenting restrictions, but alas there are always the few who are an exception to the norm. Those few were mostly people possessed of what I term "A third dimensional only"? belief system. Individuals who believe nothing of what they cannot see, hear, or touch.

There is endless speculation from all quarters regarding the causes and cures of and for cancer, and there are even more therapies available to the afflicted, but there is no panacea or magic bullet to rectify the situation. While billions of dollars are spent every year in research, cancer itself continues to spread throughout the world like a curse, seeming to strike randomly with a willful vengeance, leaving much physical, mental, emotional and financial destruction in its wake.

Among the available therapies there is everything from Medical Ozone treatments to Fruit Juices that claim to produce miraculous healing properties. Between those two are a myriad other choices, but for most cancers the fact remains that there is no cure, and I would advise to steer a wide berth around any person who claims that they can cure cancer if those claims cannot be backed up with valid and verifiable scientific evidence. I would also advise any person diagnosed with cancer to listen firstly to their oncologist and medical doctor. Personally, common sense dictates that fresh food, clean water, some daily sunshine, exercise, and good sleep is an idealistic pattern for all to partake or whether presently healthy or otherwise.

During my career with hypnosis I have, I believe, stretched the boundaries of what is supposed academically that hypnosis is, as opposed to my own belief. I believe that although a tremendous amount of mechanistic and functional information has been assimilated during scientific studies into the nature of hypnosis, the essence of hypnosis, which are the energetic transference aspects have been ignored and mostly lost. There are also many derivatives of hypnosis that facade themselves behind other names and acronyms, which often purport remarkable or instant remedies for all manner of ills. To I propose the inclined remember that miraculous cures, more often than not fade into the non-permanence of wishful thinking.

The condition of induced hypnosis is not only a matter of clinical mechanisms. Effective hypnosis is an interchange of many variances between the hypnotist and the subject, and there are safe and effective hypnosis protocols that at the very least offer a measurable degree of physical and emotional comfort for not only cancer sufferers, but also for many other health conditions.

The reasons for undertaking this cancer trial are many. Firstly, I was having success's using hypnosis to alleviate the crippling effects in sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and non insulin dependent diabetes. Then I did some work with a family member who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. That hypnosis work yielded some significant results in the amelioration of his symptoms (I will stress here that I insist that any sick person I work with must remain under their doctors' care and stay on their prescribed medications).

The final reason I undertook the study was because of the numerous testimonials arriving in my email inbox from people all over Australia, reporting significant benefits from the negative effects of many health conditions, by the regular use of my Mind-Body healing CD.

All of the participants in the study were required to use the CD daily as an adjunct to their weekly, in person, hypnosis sessions for the entire duration of the study. All of them requested to keep it, despite the fact that they can continue their personal sessions for as long as they wish at no cost to themselves.

Beyond my years as a therapist and my sometimes cavalier attitude as to the uses and effectiveness of hypnosis as a valid health enhancing therapy, I learned a lot from this study.

I learned about excruciating physical and emotional pain. I learned about hope. I learned about fear. I learned about faith and the strength of the human spirit. But mostly I learned about respect. Not only for the sufferers who took part in the study, but for every victim of cancer and also for those people from all of the caring professions who work day in and out to bring healing and comfort to the sufferers of cancer.

In my opinion this study has been a success beyond my expectations and I believe also beyond the expectations of the participants. In that regard I would like to thank them all and I would also like to thank my colleague Nathan Elliott, a Pharmacist also endowed with the knowledge and skills of hypnosis. Without his academic and professional expertise this trial would not have been possible, to that end I consider that this was our trial, not mine alone.

I would also like to extend thanks to everybody else who in their own ways helped to ensure that the trial made it to a successful conclusion. This includes the medical doctors and oncologists who had the open-mindedness to approve their patients into the trial.

In my final analysis if I were to be asked? Do you think hypnosis can cure cancer? I would have to answer, I don't believe that anything can cure most cancers, but I do believe that cancer is sometimes created from within. That being the case, stress or emotionally inspired cancer will be very difficult to cure from without. Or I could take the cynical approach repeat a half truth that a colleague of says, which is "The Only Thing Mankind Ever Cured was Fish and Bacon, and Given The Right Tools The Body Cures Itself"?.

I would strongly discourage any person from undertaking hypnosis for curative purposes without first consulting their medical doctor and also ensuring that the hypnotherapist has adequate knowledge and training in the use of hypnosis, and the specialist techniques required to work with pain management affect any valid improvement in health related condition.


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