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Easily change your perception towards smoking by re-programming your belief systems and habits. Use the power of your mind to alleviate and break physical, emotional and mental cravings, as well overcoming 'high-risk' situations...

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Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Mind Dynamics

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy - Rick Collingwood's Hypnosis CD

Welcome to Mind Motivations UK. A leading hypnosis website on the internet offering Self Hypnosis CDS & Hypnotherapy CDS of renowned hypnosis trainer Rick Collingwood, his Self Hypnosis CDS & Hypnotherapy CDS can help by motivating you to achieve deep relaxation, proper sleep cycle, weight loss, and can stop you from smoking.

Rick Collingwood is one of the world's most skilled clinical therapeutic hypnotists and the winner of multiple Platinum and Gold Aria Awards for his Self Improvement Hypnotherapy CD and MP3 titles.

In 2006 Rick Collingwood's Lose Weight Now CD became the only hypnosis CD ever in the world to win a Gold Aria Award.

More recently in 2008, Rick won 6 further Aria Awards, with 2 Platinum awards with his Lose Weight Now CD and Quit Smoking Now CDs. Gold awards were also achieved with Happiness and Self Esteem, Stress Management, Insomnia and Mind Body Healing CDs. The Life Improvement range has now sold over 750,000 copies worldwide.


Since 1995 Rick has personally assisted countless thousands of people, using his own unique therapeutic hypnosis techniques. His client list includes sales motivators, airline pilots, psychologists, medical professionals, business people and children. He has also conducted group hypnosis sessions with attendances of up to almost 900 people.

In 2005, Dr Rick Collingwood, along with Pharmacist Nathan Elliott, conducted a clinical trial with nine cancer inflicted volunteers to assess any improvements in the quality of life with the use of (non-Ericksonian) hypnosis. Six 20 minute sessions were conducted on each subject, over a six week period at the frequency of once a week. The results were outstanding with significant improvements seen in Nausea (100% reduction) and emotional functioning (75% improvement).

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Nevin & Mind Motivations UK
                         In February 2008, Nevin                            Janmohamed and her                              family received the                                devastating news that                                she had been                                  diagnosed with                              pancreatic cancer.                                After undergoing major abdominal surgery to remove the tumour, she discovered that sadly the cancer had already spread to her liver.

In 2006, having already fought breast cancer with vigorous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and due the poor response of pancreatic cancer to these ...

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Richard Bandler and NLP

RICHARD BANDLER is the co-developer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and is arguably the world's most influential contributor to the field of self-development and applied psychology. Click here to find out more about Richard Bandler, NLP, and his products, which are now available here on DVD.



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